Code of Ethics

  • Hyundai Glovis tries to meet the expectation of a reliable and promising company through fair and transparent management, open competition market, lawful corporate activities, based on ethics value.

    Furthermore, we try to create fortune and value through efficient business activities, and distribute the gains to various share holders that include customers, employees, company, stockholders and communities.

    We will practice trustful, lawful, transparent business based on a horizontal business structure, strengthen corporate ethics, and reestablish the code of ethics to become a reliable and sound company.


1. Dedication to The Nation and Socienty

We shall contribute to national economic development through the steady creation of jobs and honest tax payment.  

We shall take the lead in the conservation of environment through the strict adherence to environmental laws and regulations, and contribute to the community through cultural and welfare activities.


2. Promotion of Interests of Customers and Shareholders

We promote the rights and interest of our customer by supplying best services.  

We shall safeguard and increase the assets of our shareholders through the maximization of management efficiency and improvement of our financial structure.


3. Respect for People and Development of Human Resources

We shall respect the individual personality of our employees to establish a corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding and do our best to prevent sexual harassment within the work place.  

We shall strive to raise employee’s awareness, and nurture proactive and creative human resources by providing systematic and long-term support.


4. Establish of Partnership with Contractors

We shall process tasks based on transparent standards, do business with contractors on a transparent and equal basis, and establish a honest corporate culture.  

We shall do business with contractors on and equal basis and shall not abuse our advantageous position to make improper requests.

5. Establishment of Transparent Business

In our transactions with our business partners, including customers and suppliers, we shall conduct ourselves according to transparent standards to create an honest corporate culture beloved and trusted by the public, based on fair, transparent terms and ensuring mutual benefit.  

We shall reject all solicitations of stakeholders that may hurt fairness of services. We shall neither giver nor receive illicit gains and bribe.


Employees’ Code of Conduct

Hyundai Glovis employees recognize ethics as an importance factor to company’s competency,

And will actively follow the code of ethics to gain customer’s confidence. For these reasons, we pledge to follow the below determinations.

We employees of the Hyundai Glovis

  • ...who are responsible for the growth of the Korean logistics industry, shall reject all unethical actions in our daily living conduct of service.
  • We shall strictly adhere to relevant laws and regulations as well as company’s policy to lead in the formation of an honest and healthy corporate culture.
  • We shall positively protect customer’s privacy, and provide high quality logistics service.
  • We shall neither give nor receive from any interested parties any favors that may harms the fairness in connection with our services.
  • We shall resolutely reject improper requests and solicitations from other officers and employees using their authority.
  • We shall protect confidential business information we have obtained in the course of performing our duties and shall not be engaged in any conduct in which our personal interests may clash against the company’s interest.
  • We shall do our best and take responsibility to contribute to the development of nation, society and company.

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