Quality Policy

We built Hyundai Glovis's Integrated Management System in line with our vision, mission and core values as below;

We aim to act in accordance with all sectoral, national or international legal and other conditions, to gain the trust of our organization and business partners and to contribute to sustainable development.

In accordance with this purpose;

  • To keep the quality of service at the highest level at all times,
  • By actively handling customer complaints, ensuring continuity in fulfilling expectations and being customer-focused,
  • Provide a solution to every area of our organization and business partners with a positive approach and sensitivity,
  • Establish an open and trust-based communication with our organization and business partners,
  • To use our internal and external resources effectively and efficiently while performing our services,
  • Identify, evaluate, monitor and take necessary action within the scope of the risk management approach which is the risks and opportunities that may affect to reach company targets,
  • Preventing work accidents and occupational diseases; to provide a healthy working environment for employees, contractors and third parties,
  • To carry out information security activities in on time, efficient, accurate, fast and safe,
  • To closely follow the technological developments in the sector and to apply these developments to every field,
  • To protect from all threats may cause any accidents occur inside and outside by considering the most important asset of our company which are information, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility,
  • As Hyundai Glovis we aim to be a company that gives importance to human life,

and by increasing the awareness of our employees, we are committed to continually improve and improve the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001 standards with the participation of all our employees.

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