Our HR Policies

  • To put the safety and health of our company and workers first, and to work in awareness of our responsibilities to the     society, nature and environment and in consideration of the moral values and ethic principles when practicing any HR     related behaviour, activity or relationship.
  • To perform such HR activities that would enable all our employees to have a "human" and "continuous development"     oriented viewpoint, and to bring in our company those people having this vision.
  • To establish a sustained co-operation between our employees and our shareholders based on trust.
  • To give priority to the improvement of our workers at all stages and levels, and to always "invest in people".
  • To help our employees improve themselves continuously, and to carry on with our contributions to the company's     goals, such as "efficiency", "profitability", and "customer satisfaction".

Job Application and Recruitment Management

The positions which become vacant due to reasons such as resignation, posting, promotion, death, etc. are replaced by new/additional staff members, who have competencies that comply with the mission, vision, values, policies, goals and corporate culture of our company, and who have been approved in accordance with our strategies and targets.

The job applications from various resources, such as those sent by mails, e-mails, or through our website, or those personally handed to the company authorities, and also the resumes of the applicants who have been recommended by our company employees or by some consulting companies are all pooled together, later to be transferred into related applicant pools for those who have satisfied the requirements of a position and have the competencies that we are in need of.

We carry out a very careful and diligent work to choose the right applicants for the right positions. To achieve that, we arrange face to face individual/group meetings with the applicants, and we ask them to take some tests, where necessary.

At the end of this process, we offer jobs to the qualified applicants, and in the event that they take our offer, we welcome our new employees to GLOVIS. We also inform those who have not been able to qualify for the job.

We support our new employees with orientation and on-the-job training programs to help them orient themselves to our company and their new job.

Performance Management

We put emphasize on the performance management for continuous improvement of the performance of our organization structure, our systems and our employees.

We make performance management system assessments and generate necessary data systematically in order to have information on the development of our human resources, and to let our employees integrate with our company, and to help our company achieve its goals.

Career Management

We believe that performance-related increase of responsibility and power (not only in the event of reassignment, but also within the scope of one's current position) is of great importance for the continuity of personal development.

We determine the competency level of our employees on the job, and help them improve their weak points, and let them progress in a job where they can be successful.

When doing so, we not only assess the performance and/or the availability of the employees in their current positions, but we also consider their potential availability for higher positions.

Training Management

With our belief in the importance of sustained development and knowledge in work, we put great effort to increase the suitability of the employees to the job they do and to improve their abilities continuously.

We maintain our strategy in investing in new employees through orientation and on-the-job training programs by practicing annual training plans which are prepared in consideration of our strategies, goals, the survey results of training requirement analysis, the results of performance management system, and the customer feedbacks.

We assess the effectiveness of our training activities within the framework of the systematic program we have developed, and we take planned steps for continuous development.

Pay Management

The pay rise in GLOVIS occur in line with our Pay Management System, whose relationships with the other systems have already been defined.

For new employees, we determine the starting pay according to our system and based on the personal qualifications of the employee. In case of a reassignment, the pay rise occurs within the scope of the principles defined by the company. We always take the pay levels in the market into consideration.

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