Ramadan Dinner

As every year, we have had the pleasure of meeting together with our employees in the iftar organizations and sharing the blessed Ramadan moon together.

HAOS Football Tournament

A crowded audience showed interest in the final day of the traditional HAOS Football Tournament, which involved the participation of 20 teams.

During the tournament-end ceremonies, the ranking teams were given trophies while the referees and the observers were presented plaques.

Our team, which started the tournament with the slogan "Good will Win in the End", has ranked the third team.


"Though it was not on a personal level, the tournament has allowed us to get closer with the other departments we are working with. I think that it was a successful organization, and it will increase the employees' motivation, and therefore help get more efficient work results.", said Mr. IM, the CEO of GLOVIS.

GLOVIS Family Day

GLOVIS Turkey employees along with their families attended the Family Day in Nehirland Facilities. The employees came together on the family day to spend time with their spouses and children in the game fields, on the contrary to their usual meeting points such as the vehicles or the production lines of the factory.

DJ Jamal colored the day on which the employees competed against each other and also enjoyed their time with fun activities. They have treated themselves to breakfast, fruit, ice-cream and barbecue meals.

Team Building Activity

This Team Building Activity has been the first of its kind in GLOVIS Turkey. The meeting, to which all office workers and team leaders have attended, was held at a beach hotel near İstanbul.

The purpose of the meeting was;

  • To bring all GLOVIS employees from different locations under the same roof to form a big family,
  • To create a team spirit among the members of GLOVIS Turkey,
  • To allow each team to make a presentation on their works and activities,
  • To receive training from expert psychologists with regard to building up communication ties between the teams.

All participants were content and happy about the activity. The CEO of GLOVIS Turkey was presented a "Certificate of Appreciation", which was prepared by GLOVIS Turkey team.


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